How to Draw a Rose

Learn how to draw a rose in five easy steps

How to Draw a Rose


Today i’m going to show you how to draw a rose. Seems easy right? Well, it is! (the hardest part is the leaves, and that just takes a little practice.)

You will need a pencil, an eraser and a piece of paper.

Let’s get started!

Rose1 copy

Draw a slightly wavy line that grows a bit thinner towards the top.

Rose2 copy

Petiole – The tiny stem holding all the leaflets.

Petiolul – a subdivision of the petiole that connects a leaflet to the petiole.

Rose3 copy

Rose leaves are ovate. This means they look sort of like large, round eyes.

Here are some pictures of rose leaves that might be helpful to use as a reference.

Now we will start drawing the bud of our rose.

Rose5 copy

Make a “U” shape at the top of your stem to create the lower portion of the rose bud.

Erase any over lapping lines on the leaflets.

Last Step!

A long time ago, I taught myself this trick for drawing the inside of a rose:

Rose6 copy.jpg

Draw a spiral at the end of your “U” shape to create the look of swirling petals.

Rose7 copy.jpg

Now you’re done! Look at your lovely rose!


For more information about roses:

Visit the American Rose Society or read this Wikipedia article on roses.


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Author: Catazoa

Illustrator and Multimedia Artist

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